Jessica Doran, B.S.

Jessica moved to Colorado from Northern California to attend the University of Denver.  There she earned a BS degree in Biology with minors in Physics and Chemistry.  While in school, her interests were in conservation biology.  She conducted field research work with the Denver Zoological Foundation’s Conservation Department that focused on Bighorn Sheep preservation along the Arkansas River.  Other field research experience includes work with endangered Hawksbill Turtles on the southern shores of Hawaii.   With accumulated experience in field research, Jessica’s interests in conservation and wildlife biology turned towards the realm of habitat restoration.  Jessica has continued her education in hydrology and riparian restoration techniques by completing the series of classes offered by Dr. Dave Rosgen’s Wildland Hydrology in 2008. 

Jessica began working in riparian restoration ecology with EcoMetrics, LLC in 2004 as a field technician.  In this position she assisted in the development and implementation of a monitoring plan to study the benefits and risks of stream and riparian restoration in South Park, Colorado.  She plays a leading role in completing quantitative ecological site assessments, project development and design, restoration construction, and basic research.   Presently, she is engaged in a watershed assessment of sediment sources, identification and mapping of potential impacts to riparian areas throughout South Park, research into effective riparian revegetation techniques and the continuing development of the FACWet.

The FuncTional Assessment of Colorado Wetlands (FACWet) Methodology